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Digitalization without purpose

In the last issue of «Logistikk & Innkjøp» magazine (Logistics & Procurement) I wrote an article about digitalization focusing on source-to-pay processes.

It is well known fact that digitalization enables better traceability, control and increased quality for businesses and organizations and therefore is an appealing concept to many.  All too often digitalization is thought to be the goal in itself and unfortunately many digitalization initiatives are launched without clearly defined goals.

The «best-in-class» companies succeed better in their digitalization initatives partially due to the well defined goals that are continuously measured. Such measures and goals for P2P digitalization can e.g. be:

  • Agreement loyalty
  • Spend analysis
  • Price development
  •  Share of e-invoices
  • Percentage of invoices that match the order or contract
  • Bottlenecks externally or internally related to the process


Before starting the digital journey take a moment to think through what is the status of your business, what goals do you have, where and how can digitization enhance your processes, what should be the measurable goals for digitalization?

Curious? Then read the full article in Norwegian here.

Print or share Publish date: 2016-11-29