Customer Service Manager

Do you want expert help to utilize Palette to its fullest, or do you need an extra resource that can help with system configurations?

Quote from Palette customer
We have a dedicated person at Palette. Our Service Manager assists us in optimizing the system which has resulted in efficiency gains and large time savings. It's a good concept which has facilitated my work a lot.

Özlem Sener, System Administrator at PEAB Support, Sweden

Customer Service Manager at Palette Software

What does a Customer Service Manager do?

To become a CSM at Palette, you require not only in-depth knowledge of Palette’s solution but also extensive experience in streamlining economic processes, project management, and configuring software.

The CSM becomes your dedicated system expert…

The CSM acts as your dedicated contact person in Palette’s organization when you need help or advice. We want our customers to make their internal processes more efficient, and here the CSM can contribute with important knowledge and examples of “best practice.” You have regular meetings with your CSM and can then discuss future development work or adaptations.

…and an extra resource

The CSM can also act as project manager in the event of major changes, such as upgrades or the addition of new functionality to existing solutions. The CSM service is designed according to the customer’s wishes and can therefore have slightly different content. Some of our customers mainly want advice on the use of the system, while others need an extra resource to make continuous changes and configure the system. The CSM is a subscription service tailored to your wishes and needs.

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Customer Service Manager - advantages:

  • A dedicated contact person at Palette
  • Senior expertise in optimizing business processes
  • An extra resource for system configurations
  • A service designed according to your wishes
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