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Lindström chose Palette for invoice management and purchasing internationally

“Along with the introduction of Palette’s solution, we have implemented a mutual way of working in different countries across the Group. Thanks to the real-time reporting tool, we are also able to easily measure performance between the countries.”
Juho Häkkinen, Finance System Controller, Lindström Group


Lindström Group is one of the largest textile service companies in Europe, which is growing strongly on a global level. Lindström wanted to standardise its accounts payable process globally with a modern solution, which scales according to growth and can be rolled out to several countries. The company also wanted to enhance reporting, so that consistent measurement between operating countries would be as easy as possible.


Lindström Group has implemented Palette’s invoice management solution in 13 countries already, in addition to which the solution will be rolled out to Germany, Croatia and Poland to begin with. The group is also extending the use of Palette’s solution to purchasing. In addition to Finland, the purchasing module will be rolled out initially to at least six more countries.

Controlled purchasing

According to Lindström, the company’s success is based on a strongly concept-managed operation, which ensures the quality of operations, consistent service and corporate responsibility in all operating countries. With Palette’s solution, Lindström also streamlines its purchasing processes.

The purchasing module brings indirect purchases to the same system, which streamlines the entire purchase-to-pay process and improves control over purchasing globally.  The users of Palette’s purchasing solution say it has made the purchasing process much smoother.

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