indirect procurement


How to Evaluate Your Indirect Procurement…

All business processes should be assessed and evaluated regularly to check that they’re as beneficial to the business as possible, and a…

indirect spend


Managing Indirect Spend with Purchase Automation

What percentage of your company’s spend is under control? When asked what percentage of their company’s spend was under control, 21% of…

invoice clearance model


The E-Invoice Clearance Model Might Save…

It’s predicted that 2025 is the year tax authorities worldwide will only accept invoices electronically*. In most cases it means governments will…

Spend control


Spend Control

The right technology can help you control spends while making life easier for employees to purchase within the budget and the supplier policy.

SaaS solutions get popular


SaaS Solutions for Savvy Organisations

As SaaS offerings have matured, they have become more attractive for finance and accounting departments. So what benefits can organisations enjoy with SaaS?

Indirect purchasing


Indirect purchasing

Businesses that successfully optimise their indirect spend can save up to 25% on current costs.



AI adoption in P2P set to…

Many businesses plan to implement AI in procurement processes over the next two years. In this article we discuss which areas where AI is expected to add value.

Digitally transforming invoice processing


Digitally transforming invoice processes

When more organisations worldwide adopt e-invoicing, it will benefit not just individual companies, but also economies and even ecosystems.

Digital evolution


Untapped opportunities for digital evolution

Most businesses see digital transformation as a way to strengthening their existing core business. However, for most organisations there are still untapped opportunities.

Why Palette?

Mobile Enabled

One-click approvals via desktop, tablet, or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Efficient Processing

Efficient management of supplier invoices reduces costs and creates more time for high-value work in your organization.

More Control

Get instant control over invoice status and bottlenecks, resulting in faster approvals and smooth monthly reconciliations.

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