invoice clearance model


The E-Invoice Clearance Model Might Save…

It’s predicted that 2025 is the year tax authorities worldwide will only accept invoices electronically*. In most cases it means governments will…

Digitally transforming invoice processing


Digitally transforming invoice processes

When more organisations worldwide adopt e-invoicing, it will benefit not just individual companies, but also economies and even ecosystems.

PEPPOL network


What is PEPPOL?

Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL – also known as ELMA in Norway) is a set of standards that enable simple cross-border eProcurement….

electronic invoicing in France


Vive la Révolution Numérique! Moving Towards…

The move away from paper invoicing for French organisations is a positive one that will save time and money. The change is driven by new French legislation.



Digitalization without purpose

In the last issue of «Logistikk & Innkjøp» magazine (Logistics & Procurement) I wrote an article about digitalization focusing on source-to-pay processes.

Breakthrough for e-documents


A breakthrough for e-documents in the…

During the past year we have seen a breakthrough for different e-documents in the Nordic countries. Not only is e-invoicing becoming more popular, but also solutions handling e-orders and other e-documents are more in demand.

Trends report


The future of P2P

The digitalisation is inevitable affecting most companies, often for the better. The development of digital support has relatively quickly changed Purchase to Pay (P2P) processes too.

Increase profitability


Streamline your purchase to pay process

After periods with increased efficiency of accounts payable management, many businesses have continued to further digitise their operations.

what makes palette different


E-invoicing, cost effective and time saving

After periods with increased efficiency of accounts payable management, many businesses have continued to further digitize their operations.

Why Palette?

Mobile Enabled

One-click approvals via desktop, tablet, or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Efficient Processing

Efficient management of supplier invoices reduces costs and creates more time for high-value work in your organization.

More Control

Get instant control over invoice status and bottlenecks, resulting in faster approvals and smooth monthly reconciliations.

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