International English School saves both time and money with Palette’s e-invoice

”I can’t see how we could manage without an electronic invoice processing solution”, says Eleonor Kälarne Nilsson, Accounting Manager at the International English School.

The International English School started using Palette already in 2006. Lack of search functionality, no possibility to trace historic data and need for automation, made them start looking for soluton llike Palette. Formerly manually executed processes were quickly replaced with automated, meaning that invoices using predefined posting and flow proposals could pass directly to final booking in the ERP system.





The International English school in Sweden was funded in 1993 and is today the largest free school organization at the compulsory level
(“Grundskolan”) in Sweden. Almost 20 000 students attend our 29 schools around the country (2015). The International English School is
dedicated to supporting students of all backgrounds to become productive and responsible citizens.

Customer: International English School
Branch: Reserch & Education
Area: Sweden
Business system: Hogia
Invoices/year: 35000
Process automated with Palette: Online Express