Hartela automates the purchase-to-pay process with Palette

Hartela is a Finnish family-run business established in 1942, specializing in building homes, offices and industrial buildings. They employ approximately 600 industry professionals located on different building sites.

Each property is a one-off project for which an organization is created, and resources are allocated to each site. Office functions support all the site operations from acquiring a plot to design, sales and marketing.

Client Information

Customer:  Hartela

Branch:  Contstruction and Civil Engineering

Area:  Finland

Business system:


Employees: 600

Process automated:  Purchase-to-Pay (Invoice Processing, PO match and Contract Management)

A centralized service center

Five years ago Hartela centralized its administrative operations to one common service center. It handles the processes for payment traffic, accounts payable and receivable as well as accounting. This gives all the group companies a consistent and uniform way of working. Leena Joki, Head of the Financial Service Center, explains:

“Digitalization is a major trend in the construction industry and it’s a natural part of all business processes at Hartela. Hartela needs agile, user-friendly applications to support its digital transformation.”

In 2019 Hartela searched for a software that could automate their purchase-to-pay cycle. They chose Palette because it offers full purchase-to-pay automation. It also gave Hartela mobile solutions and real-time monitoring of each site, along with extensive reporting tools.

Smooth implementation

The implementation of the solution was surprisingly smooth thanks to Palette’s competent consultant and Hartela’s highly qualified accounts payable team. The application is easy to use and made Hartela’s business processes more transparent.

Automation has also saved resources. It’s made processing invoices on site easier and decreased manual work for accounts payable staff. Leena Joki continues:

Watch the video and learn about Hartela’s next step for further automation!

Read more about Hartela on their official website

“Palette can grow with Hartela. We can expand the solution according to our needs”

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