Cypress Creek Handles Complexity with Palette AP Automation

Cypress Creek is an integrated solar  company that develops and owns solar and storage projects. It’s the fourth largest utility-scale O&M provider in the US.

Switching from another system that was not satisfying their needs, the company was looking for an AP automation solution that would be able to handle the 556 entities they manage including multiple solar sites.

Client Information

Customer: Cypress Creek Renewables

Branch:  Based in Sacramento, California

Area:  USA

Business system:  Sage Intacct

Invoices/year:  25,000

Employees:  200 in multiple locations

Process automated with Palette:  Invoice Capture, Invoice Processing, PO Matching, Archive & Audit Trail

The Challenge for Cypress Creek

Cypress Creek is a company with a lot of moving parts, including development, construction, asset management and operating divisions.

Purchase orders needed to be automatically matched to incoming supplier invoices, and invoice data had to be captured. There was a need for approval workflow as well an audit trail for investigations into the multiple entities they manage.

“We manage nearly 300 solar sites. Each solar farm is its own company, and each installation has its own tax implications with our investors. We’re using Palette for the audit function, to handle enquiries for all of these accounts.” – Gerry Trejo, Cypress Creek

Invoice Capture and PO Matching

Automated Invoice Capture

With the Palette solution the data from Cypress Creek’s vendor invoices is captured and validated automatically with a 98% accuracy rate. The invoices go to a queue, visible in the Palette dashboard. 

PO Matching

Palette’s accounts payable automation solution matches vendor invoices to Cypress Creek’s purchase orders. Onced matched, the invoice is automatically sent to Sage Intacct for payment.  Only PO invoices with a variance are sent out in a pre-defined, digital approval workflow to approvers or supervisors.

Approval Workflow

An automated approval workflow sends non-PO invoices to project managers to approve via email, rather than having to enter the system. If an invoice goes over the tolerance level, the system automatically sends the approval to the supervisor.

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