USFarathane Case Study: Manufacturing

The scope of this project began with invoice processing for a company with many facilities and satellite offices. The scope grew to include indirect purchasing, contract management, expense reporting and budget.

  • Large automotive manufacturer with $400 million in sales forecasted to reach $700 million in sales in the next year
  • Nine manufacturing plants in the US, 2 more plants were added in the following 18 months, and two in Mexico shortly after that
  • Invoice volumes initially 60,000 per year, but expected to grow to 80,000
  • Had centralized AP department and were 100% paper-based—

Before implementation of the solution, both internal and external communications took place in Outlook. The company lacked visibility to records that resided in other departments, and the AP department unwillingly became corporate “policy enforcers”. As well, finance did not have “the visibility to assist us with accountability”, so maverick spending was an issue.

Client Information

Customer:  USFarathane

Branch:  Head Office

Area:  USA, Mexico and China

Business system:  Dynamics

Invoices/year:  60,000

Employees:  4,200

Process automated:  Invoice processing, contracts, purchase orders

The client chose Palette because of the comprehensiveness of the solution.


  • 70% drop in cycle time
  • 43% reduction in processing costs
  • 20% growth in invoice volume without increase in headcount

“I had thought at that time we could expand our AP process improvement into the other areas of the company but what I didn’t expect was how soon our CFO took advantage of the technology that Palette had to offer.” – Accounting Manager

Gains in Visibility, Access, and Control

The company gained access to purchasing data that they were able to leverage. Straight through processing of invoices for indirect material was also made possible, and the expense module empowered employees with visibility and mobile approvals.

Instead of paper and other files being lost, documents could be seen anywhere and at anytime. Month-end accrual processes were reduced to just minutes instead of days, and Palette gave controllers the ability to decide to go over budget, rather than trying to explain why they did.

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