4Service chooses to grow with Palette

The Norwegian facility management supplier 4Service is expanding rapidly and the number of supplier invoices has grown explosively in a short time. In turn, it has demanded an invoice management solution that can keep pace with the company’s growth.
Norwegian 4Service offers facility management services within construction, cleaning, property management, staff restaurants and offshore.

Since its inception in 2010, the company has grown rapidly and in 2017 more than doubled its turnover from the year before – to 1.3 billion Norwegian kroner.
The rapid growth rate led to a substantial increase in the number of supplier invoices, which in turn required a scalable and flexible system that could automate the invoice handling process.

Client Information

Customer:  4Service

Branch:  Facility management

Area:  Norway

Business system:  Visma Business

Invoices/year:  60 000

Employees:  2 500

Process automated:  Invoice processing and Approval Workflow

Scalable system

Since 2017, 4Service uses Palette’s invoice management system and today the company handles approximately 60,000 invoices per year. Next year it may well be over 100,000. However, this is nothing that worries the CFO Finn Rune Kristiansen. He said:

“With Palette we could double the amount of invoices without having to hire additional staff. The scalability of volume and modules was crucial in the choice of system and extremely important for us with the growth rate we have.”

“We needed a system that could match our growth. With Palette, this is exactly what we have received.”

Finn Rune Kristiansen, CFO at 4Service

Smart multi-company management
4Service consists of several companies that are located all over Norway. A diversified business combined with high growth can be a real challenge from an invoice management perspective.

Since the start in 1993, Palette has made multi-company management one of its focus areas, in order to be able to deliver solutions that meet this particular need.

More automation around the corner

The next step for 4Service is to automate the management of periodic invoices and the employees’ expenses. – These systems make it possible for us to continue to grow without having to spend more time on that
administrative tasks. Now we can focus on being more proactive and increasing the degree of automation even more. We determine the pace of our automation on the basis of our organization’s conditions, says Finn Rune Kristiansen.

– When we are ready, Palette is there so that we can take the next step in a smooth way. It is important to point out that the choice of supplier and system must be long-term and contribute to your business development for several years. We chose a scalable and flexible system and a supplier with broad competence and knowledge, says Finn Rune Kristiansen.

“Multi-company management in Palette is ingenious and saves a lot of time out in the organization.”

Finn Rune Kristiansen, CFO at 4Service

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