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Take your business to a new level by automating the accounts payable process

Are you running a small and growing company?  Is your business successful but you and your employees are constantly short of time? Are you experiencing increased administration tasks with your new customers and suppliers?

Do you want to take your business to a new level?

By automating the accounts payable function, you will save time, money and have better control. A smart solution for invoice processing will reduce repetitive paper work tasks and your increased manual intervention.

A modern AP automation solution has many benefits:

  • Save up to 80% of your invoice processing costs.
  • Avoid delayed payments due to time consuming manual administration.
  • Save more time by authorising invoices online by e-mail or with your mobile.
  • Better control and overview of the invoice process.

AP automation solution for small businesses

The answer-  a smart cloud service

With an AP automation solution in the cloud, you avoid expensive hardware investments followed by time consuming software installations. Palette as your provider of the AP automation system will set up the solution for you and manage all future updates. This means small and medium sized businesses can enjoy a streamlined invoice process without great expense or loosing time on installation issues.

Take your business to a new level within a week

Before setting up the solution, we need you to answer three questions:

  • How many invoices do you process per year?
  • How do you want to scan the paper invoices you receive?
  • Which users should have access to what information?

Integration with the ERP system

PaletteOnlineExpress, a cloud based AP automation solution, has off-the-shelf processing solutions for integration with several leading ERP systems. When an invoice is captured, managed and authorised in the AP automation solution, it will automatically be transferred into the ERP system for payment. Once paid, this information will be transferred back to the AP automation system, where you easily can see the status of every single invoice you receive.

Why Palette?

Palette Software has more 20 years of experience of electronic invoice processing. AP automation is at the core of all our solutions. Our products are developed in cooperation with our customers and we listen carefully to their requirements, needs and feedback for future improvements of the software. Through our user organisations in Sweden and Denmark, we interact with our customers on a regular basis to understand what is really happening on the ground in all types of businesses.