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Automating Accounts Payable with Invoice Processing and Purchase to Pay

Palette works with more than 3,500 customers across 50 countries to optimize their accounts payable and purchasing processes. Let’s take a look at some of the ways Palette has helped companies achieve greater efficiency and visibility into their AP operations with functionality like invoice processing and purchase automation.

Lindström Group Finds a Great Fit

Lindström Group is one of the largest textile service companies in Europe and is growing worldwide. The company wanted to standardize its accounts payable processes throughout the organization, have technology that would scale and enhance reporting across multiple global locations.

Palette’s solution is helping Lindström achieve these objectives, providing a unified way of working across countries and enabling the company to monitor across countries with real-time tracking.

Coor Streamlines Processes 

Before approaching Palette, leading facility management service provider Coor struggled with complicated processing procedures within its accounts department. With its previous legacy solution in place, Coor was forced to continuously adapt its AP system in order to process incoming invoices. Eventually that configuration reached a breaking point

After a smooth implementation process, Palette’s invoice processing solution streamlined Coor’s AP processes, enabled collaboration across the organisation and sped up invoice approvals. The business’s accounts team now feels confident that compliance and authorization rules are being met. As well, Palette is flexible and can be tweaked to help boost performance.

Clear Sailing for Stena Line

Before looking for a purchase to pay system one of the world’s largest ferry operators had six accounts payable centres located in different countries. The company faced many issues, including disappearing invoices.

Since implementing Palette’s solution, Stena Line was able to streamline purchase to pay throughout the entire organisation. Today, it has two AP centres and can trace all invoices at any stage in the process. Stena Line has been able to maintain excellent relationships with suppliers since Palette was introduced.

Running Smoothly with Sportsmaster

Denmark’s largest sportswear and equipment chain saw an opportunity to implement a new purchase to pay system while updating their outdated ERP system. Sportsmaster wanted a solution that would seamlessly integrate with its other business systems and streamline invoice and purchasing processes.

Sportmaster chose a number of Palette modules to streamline its AP and purchasing processes. With a bespoke integration, Palette plugged seamlessly into Sportmaster’s ERP and helped the organisation of over 100 brick-and-mortar stores gain control of invoices and contracts coming from some of the top global brands in sport. The retail giant also leveraged Palette’s mobile functionality to enable managers to process orders and invoices smoothly and efficiently without leaving the shop floor.

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