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Replacing IT systems enables a renewal of internal processes

Digitalisation is not an automatic cure for everything, but requires changes in organisation’s ways of working.

Financial processes have been automated for quite some time in Finland. Most companies have a system in place for invoice processing. Many of these systems have been purchased years ago and are coming to the end of their road. Older generation systems have enabled certain ways of working, which have been adapted to over the years, without particularly questioning them.

An opportunity to review the organisation’s internal processes

When a system replacement or update becomes a current issue, it is a good opportunity for an assessment of not only the latest systems on the market, but also the organisation’s internal processes. New generation solutions enable much more efficient ways of working through automation. Instead of allowing the system to define processes according to the possibilities it facilitates, a new system can enable completely new ways of working. The solution cannot however be expected to better everything on its own; to fully benefit from it, one must critically re-evaluate the current processes in place.

Palette Software specializes in automating financial processes by combining indirect purchases, as well as invoice and contract handling in one mobile solution.

“We do a lot of system changes, where we replace old systems with our new generation solution. We have often noticed that customers have been so accustomed to their old systems, that they let them define the expectations from the new solution. The development of digital technologies however gives a great opportunity for a renewal of internal processes. The solution must adapt to the required process, not the other way round”.
Juha Väänänen, CEO of Palette Software Finland.

Digital solutions enables scalability

Process automation can bring significant cost savings, and in addition to that, the efficiency of an organisation’s ways of working can be enhanced on a larger scale. The scalability of digital solutions internationally enables the standardization of corporations’ processes, also multiplying cost efficiency.

Lindström Group is one of the leading textile services companies in Europe, which is growing strongly. Lindström standardizes its processes internationally with Palette’s solution, which is being used in nearly 15 of its operating countries. The global implementation of the solution has unified the corporation’s operating model.

“An internationally common operating model together with Palette’s solution enhances the efficiency and streamlines our invoice processes significantly”.
Juho Häkkinen, Lindström’s Finance System Controller.

The full article “Replacing IT systems enables a renewal of internal processes” was published in Finnish in Talouselämän CEO -liitteessä on November 17th 2017.

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