invoice approval workflow

Flexible Invoice Approval Workflow

ERP’s have workflow capabilities, but they lack flexibility. Setup and maintenance is resource intensive.

In order to create a workflow the ERP user needs to:

  • Be a “power user” – have the knowledge of how the workflow functions work
  • Fully understand business rules in all areas of the organization
  • Be aware of exceptions to the business rules
  • Be able to create workflows for different geographies, locations, and departments

Questions to Ask

Do you have the people?

Finding the right person (or group of people) to create and develop the logic-driven workflows for each department overall is a time-consuming task.

Do you have enough knowledge about each department?

If workflows are specific to a location or a department, the workflows will need to be generated accordingly.

As an example, you might be generating multiple workflows for invoice routing and approvals, but these workflows are not available for the requisitioning side of the business. The workflows would need to be generated in the purchasing application as well.

How do you manage rerouting workflows?

When business rules change or users determine that the current workflow isn’t providing all the necessary elements to process an invoice, workflows have to be revised and the changes documented.

invoice approval workflowCaught in Translation

Often people with specific roles are assigned to create workflows, because the average user has not been trained in logic-driven processes. This by itself leaves room for workflow errors due to the ‘translation’ of business processes.

If each workflow that requires modification also requires involving multiple members of staff and documentation, the focus is taken off the invoice approval or requisitioning process and transferred to the workflow management process.

Palette makes your invoice approval workflow flexible, saving your organization the time and expense of developing customized workflows in your ERP.

  • Unlimited users – no user license fees
  • Automated workflow with ad-hoc routing
  • Drag & drop workflow functionality on mobile or desktop

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