Benefits Every Role

Palette streamlines and automates complex AP tasks and makes everyone from the CFO to Sales more empowered and productive. 


CEO – Have confidence that essential positions have the best tools available to analyze and report true, up to date information and key figures. Focus on forward-looking decisions and future strategies based on accurate analysis.

CFO – Have confidence compliance is being met because the company’s business rules are running in the background behind every transaction. Have control over indirect spend. Make decisions based on accurate financial reporting – not estimates and “editorial opinion”.


The controller gets the opportunity to be part of the conversation around all purchases related to their location or department. Transparency – no surprises because you can see all of the transactions taking place. Be more effective because you can stop looking at “what happened” and start working on “what’s happening” in real time.

AP staff feel empowered because you can see invoice status in a shared central dashboard – showing where the workflow bottlenecks are. Reduced frustration using a drag & drop approval workflow that lets you redirect an exception if an approver is not moving on it. Less stress because there is no data entry (and paper cuts) because everything is digital and ready for the ERP.


Trust in the Process

Accounting Manager – Transfer trust from “people in the process”, to the process itself – because all of the transactions are visible. Have staff do higher level tasks because they have more time – and the data – to do them. Become a more trusted resource for the organization because you have more accurate information.

Approvers – Reduced workload because all of the information is in one application. If necessary, you can redirect an item with a graphical drag and drop workflow. You do not have to learn “another new system”. You can manage all of your approvals through email on a smartphone or tablet.



Visibility & Time

Purchase Manager – Visibility into the company’s total purchase behaviour, habits and history. Use that knowledge to improve supply chains and drive savings. Be part of the approval chain for any scenario where purchasing takes place.

Sales – Save time by being able to scan or take a picture of expense receipts and attach to expense reports. Import credit card transactions. Be confident you are compliant and following policy because expense types and GL codes are already programmed into the platform.


I.T. – Minimal hand-holding and support calls because of  Palette’s intuitive and easy-to-use solution. Unlimited users means no growing license costs when adding new users. No I.T. resources involvement for workflow settings, and minimal involvement for ERP integrations.

Project Manager – Have control of project budget and project spending. Opportunity to be part of the approval chain and the transparency of transactions in real-time.

Plant or Location Manager – See what is going on with real-time tracking of purchases and spending, including indirect spend. Save time with approval workflows that include you – only when necessary. No surprises because you can see and be in control of pre-commited and budgeted spend.