Palette Approval Ratings & Reviews

Palette’s high user ratings give you confidence

Our customers consider Palette to be a worthwhile investment, thanks to important features such as flexibility and an easy to use interface.

  • For I.T. it means fewer support calls and hand-holding
  • For approvers in any role across the organization it means not having to learn another complex “system”
  • For finance staff it means more productivity and less stress

96% feel that Palette fulfills expectations

95% consider Palette to be a worthwhile investment


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> Customer Testimonials

”During such a rapid growth of our business, we have had several ongoing projects at the same time. Therefore it’s been crucially important that in addition to invoice processing, we are also able to implement purchases through Palette’s system.” Lauri Matikainen/Renta Group | Case Study>

”Along with introducing Palette’s solution, we have implemented a unified way of working in different countries across the Group. Thanks to the real-time reporting tool, we can now easily measure performance between countries.” Juho Häkkine/Lindström Group | Case Study>

“The team that manages the invoices on a daily basis no longer need to reinvent the wheel every day as the system learns by itself.” Eva Petré Rege/Coor | Case Study>

“Palette’s solutions enable us to manage those invoices through a single source, which has streamlined our workflows, as we continue to improve them.” Rene Faurskov/Sportmaster | Case Study>

“Today we have two AP centers. We can easily trace all invoices and we always know where the invoices are in the process. We have streamlined our organization and we have a good relationship with suppliers.” Mariana Andersson/Stena Line

”We are now able to optimize our financial administration processes and enhance performance. Our time can be allocated for other duties and through automation the Group will have remarkable savings. The rational for the investment was clear – in the next five years the Group will gain savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Pasi Vilhunen/Barona Group | Case Study>

“The whole thing is just working so much better now and the information is into the system so much quicker and we can produce managements account faster which is important for a business our size.“ Jeff Kerly/Kew Electrical

“I can’t see how we could manage without an electronic invoice processing solution.” Eleonor Kälarne Nilsson/International English School | Case Study>

“Before we deployed Palette, our invoicing system was labor-intensive and time consuming for staff. Automated processing has significantly increased our overall efficiency, shortened payment cycles and helped to improve the manageability of transactions.” Emily Grantham/Landstar Systems | Case Study>

”We chose Palette’s purchase to pay solution for its diverse functionalities and user-friendliness. Palette has been developed through long experience and combined into one perfect offering.” Tuula Laukkarinen/JCDecaux Finland Oy  | Case Study>

Full integration with your ERP using Palette’s Rapid Deployment Connector or Palette Integration Engine



Compliant with Bank Security Standards

Trusted by Banks in the US and Europe. Palette has full security and compliance accreditations.

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