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AP Automation for Dynamics 365|GP with MEM

AP Automation for Dynamics 365 Business Central | Dynamics GP with Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management (MEM)

Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management (MEM) software provides real-time consolidated reporting, centralized transaction processing, and scalable security.

It consolidates all your company tables into a single company within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Dynamics GP  environment. Switching between entities is fast and seamless, and you can generate consolidated financial reports while maintaining individual books for each entity.

Palette’s AP Automation for Dynamics 365 Business Central | Dynamics GP with MEM

Engineered from the ground up with accounts payable in mind, Palette’s AP Automation for Dynamics 365 Business Central | Dynamics GP with MEM gives your staff flexible approval workflows, automated invoice processing, a searchable invoice archive and complete time-stamped audit trail.


“Email approvals mean I don’t have to learn
yet another dashboard.” – Alicia | Senior Executive

AP Workflow

Using an automated workflow and a central dashboard, Palette automates the processing of PO and non-PO invoices. It keeps finance people happy because it reduces their workload with less paper, and saves them time chasing project managers for approvals. Project managers are happy because then can approve an invoice with one click on laptop or mobile.

  • Palette automatically sends invoices to the proper approver
  • “Drag & Drop” approval workflows, ad-hoc routing, faster approvals
  • Approvals can be made directly via email or a mobile device

“No more finger pointing! We can see where
the bottleneck is and address it.” – Cara | AP Manager


Purchase Order Automation

Intelligent 3 Way PO Matching

Palette’s PO matching engine automatically matches invoices, purchase orders, and goods receipts:

  • Matches internal or external purchase orders
  • Match at the header or line level
  • Match POs and invoices with hundreds of lines
  • Exceptions are sent to approvers to validate with one-click approval on mobile or desktop
  • Provides a complete audit trail, including messages

“Instead of spending an hour matching an invoice to a purchase order, palette does the matching in minutes.” – Lisa | Finance Administrator

Archive & Audit:

A step-by-step documented history of invoice transactions is recorded, including communications between internal staff and suppliers. Palette creates a complete searchable archive for reference and auditing purposes for all of your projects.

  • Faster audit process
  • Provides basis of objectivity for investigations
  • Raises compliance standards for the entire organization


Seamless Integration with Dynamics 365|GP and MEM

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