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A breakthrough for e-documents in the Nordics

During the past year we have seen a breakthrough for different e-documents in the Nordic countries. Not only is e-invoicing becoming more popular, but also solutions handling e-orders and other e-documents are more in demand. Printing and scanning is becoming a process of the past.

Environmental Impact

Businesses are becoming aware that global warming is a problem and that we need to change our behavior, although it seems very painful. My suspicion is that many businesses will actually switch to e-documents now, in order to help ease their bad conscience with regards to the environment. More rational motives, such as better accuracy in underlying data and more efficient processes, was not enough to make invoice and purchase processes 100% electronic.

Transparent process KPI:s

In the digitalized society, normal work flows – for example a pre-authorized purchase order followed by a correct invoice – should be touchless and flow through the system without manual intervention. Today’s highly qualified staff, should only have to spend time on exceptions. This is possible when you use e-orders and suppliers send e-invoices.

Phase 2: Stop invoices from coming!

Once the accounts payable administration is automated, many businesses look into further automation and cost reductions. The next step is to take control over procurement, also for indirect spend. To achieve this, you need to automate the entire purchase to pay process, not only the invoice processing.

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