4 tips for a stress-free Christmas with Palette

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4 tips for a stress-free Christmas with Palette

Stressless christmas

For the holiday period

Here are 4 tips on how Palette Software can help you maximise your Christmas holidays by using our solutions correctly.

“Temporary users”

During the Christmas holiday period, you can use a Palette function called “Temporary users”. You can delegate a role or inbox to another user who can help to handle the invoices, requisitions, agreements or expenses to be approved.

It is also possible to use multi-step substitute management, where a person takes responsibility for the inbox for a certain period, then transferring to another person for a different period.

Even if you have a substitute for your role, you can still log in to view or process your Palette cases if you wish. After the holiday you can search for invoices, contracts, requisitions or expenses that have been handled by the substitute.


The financial function often has a “temporary user” over the holidays, that does not have the same knowledge and control as the regular staff. If you work with in-house scanning, the risk of getting inaccurate information because of missed scans increases.

By instead increasing the proportion of E-invoices arriving in the system, you reduce the risk of manual error because all data is entered just as the supplier has sent it.

For those who have to work a bit – use PaletteMobile

If you have our mobile solution, everyone can handle their invoices and requisitions even if they are on the go.

You can approve, post, comment, or update the flow and manage invoices from your mobile device. There is no excuse for leaving invoices on hold.

For those who are preparing for holidays – PaletteContract

If you use PaletteContract, you can automate the process of recurring invoices. Make sure that invoices that match a contract do not wait during the Christmas weeks – instead set up rules for the invoices and make sure to get the contract papers before the holiday. This way, these invoices can be entered for final booking and paid.

Published date 2017-12-19
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